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3D Modeling
the result of this step is an STL - stereolithography file, which nowadays is the most appropriate file format recognisable to any 3D printer
3D Printing
the STL file acquires its material substance through 3D printer in materials such as special wax or resin, suitable for creating mold and casting in metal
Bespoke Jewelry
the final step in the process of creating custom design jewelry is the production of the ready-to wear piece in precious metals such as silver or gold

Bespoke Jewelry & Replicas

Silver lab is a custom design jewelry workshop in the heart of Athens in Greece.
We set up in 2009 to provide a vibrant variety of bespoke jewelry designs.
In 2011 our researches led us to the mastery of both traditional and 3D digital design workflow and we began our journey into the world of replica jewelry designs.

Our aim is to offer our customers a wide range of unique personalised jewelry and excellent services at affordable prices. Our attention to detail, quality and excellence combined with competitive pricing makes our bespoke pieces stunning and value for money.

Liked our jewelry designs? Tell us how do you imagine your jewelry!

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