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Signet for Wax seal on Spartacus Jewelry Guarantee

  • Signet for Wax seal on Spartacus Jewelry Guarantee

Ever since I was little, I enjoyed stories about kings and their loyal knights and rebellious lords with secret agreements written in a dim candlelight and sealed with a melted wax... Years passed, but I have not missed the opportunity to bring these childhood dreams on surface and try to make one item that might represent maybe entire Ancient & Middle Ages era as no other - I am talking about the signet stamp for wax!

After a truely overwhelming feedback from our customers on our Gannicus & Crixus necklaces we decided to create the unique jewelry guarantee certificate to enclose with each jewelry item and we've also decided to seal this certificate with wax and special signet. Word ‘Signet’ comes from the Latin word meaning ‘sign’, from which we also get the word ‘signature’. So a special signet is literally a signature for each jewelry item, and the device you used to sign all your important documents.

Initially we thought of creating our own Silver lab monogramm stamp, but a better idea came by and we've decided to have a special seal for every collection we launch, therefore the dragon figure from the Gannicus necklace became the official signet of the Spartacus jewelry collection.

The making process was a quite interesting, as we had to create a sort of "negative" image of the final result. The image had to be reversed to its opposite and some tricks had to be applied so that stamp wouldn't stick to the warm wax.

After a quick study, design was ready and we had a clean and sharp signet stamp to use, meanwhile we were looking for the special wax. Even though is not a very common product nowadays, we were able to find it relatively fast and even had a decent variety of colors to choose from. We've decided to go with the bright burgundy red as we thought it was the best choice for Spartacus collection signet (Color of blood...).

Finally we've melted and tested wax on different types of paper and chose the yellowish, finely recycled hard paper that looked a lot like old pergament paper for church books. I have to admit melting and stamping the guarantee is really cool, we almost feel sorry our customers recieve a finished result without trying it themselves.

Nevertheless we hope that they enjoy the sealed guarantee they get with their jewelry and acknowledge our effort to give them the unique experience with every purchase of our jewelry.