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Martial art Champion Sports Ring

This ring is symbolic of the many accomplishments and years of dedication to the Martial Arts, this is a ring for a champion and martial arts master!
The NUMBERS on sides & the LETTERS are made on order!
Give us the year and the your Abbraviation and we'll make it for you!

Examples of available on this ring Martial Art Sport abbraviations:
KMA - Korean Martial Arts //  BJJ - Brazilian JiuJitsu
MT - Muay Thai  //  VT - Vale Tudo
MMA - Mixed Martial Arts  //  TMA - Traditional Martial Arts
JKD -Jeet kune do  //  TSD- Tang so do
TKD -Tae kwon do  //  JMA - Japanese martial arts
CMA - chinese martial arts  //  FMA - filipino martial arts
UFC = Ultimate Fighting Championship  //  WC - Wing Chun
WT - Wing Tsun  //  WMA: Western Martial Arts
HEMA: Historical European Martial Arts  //  HES: Historical European Swordsmanship
RMA: Renaissance Martial Arts  //  KDF: Kunst des Fechtens  //  GOJU & more...

Ring Characteristics:
- Material: Sterling silver 925 and 14K solid gold details
- Size - On order
- Inner detail - two martial artists in a kick (deep engraving) or Engraved on the inner side customer's name - on request!

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