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This pendant depicts a Japaneese fox demon and it was a custom order made based on pictures sent by for one of our clients.

"It's better to stand and fight. If you run you'll only die tired" - Viking Quotes

This is a sterling silver pendant inspired by The Vikings series - a great scandinavian saga about Ragnar Lothbrok life in a shape of a viking warrior shiend with a V for Viking symbol and a norse stylized helm, the backdside of the shield is embelished with two crossed viking axes... A warrior pendant - the one symbolising strength, honor and loyalty!

The history of Vlad Dracula or Vlad the Impaler is surrounded by myth and legend. He was the character that was the inspiration for Bram Stokers Novel "Dracula" being the very famous Count Dracula.

Vlad became notorious for his sadism, though he was also respected by his subjects because of his fierce campaigns against the Turks. He was a respected as a warrior and a stern ruler who tolerated no crime against his people, and during his reign erected several monasteries. He was a hero that was both worshiped and feared by his people.

Silver heart pendant with floral ornaments.